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Thursday, October 7, 2004

It's official. I seem to only attract Idiots. With a capital "I". That guy we talked with and wanted me to be his girlfriend had allready a girlfriend Oo. What the fuck? He thought he could hide it??
I learned it at one nigh when he accidentaly send me message. (It was not for me... it was for "her")

Menios: "I hope that when you say I love you . You mean it as well. So, what are you wearing now?"
Me: *Is confused* "When did i say that??"
Menios: "Sorry babe, that wasn't for you... So how are you?"
Me: "Fine. You should be more carefull where you send your messages... She will find out!"

Oh well... Boys can be so stupid especially when they are around 14-16. (I know this from experience).
But it doesn't matter really thinks turned out this way. I wasnt in the mood of having a boyfriend. (I never am anyway...).

Now this is something tottaly different...
She took 10 pills! 10 fucking pills for what??! Because her parents yelled at her for going home late. Idiot!!
She said to me that she was going to do it last night and she sounded serious, yet i never thought she would actually do this to herself.
I asked her "why". What was in her life she didn't has? I knew her since we were kids... She grown in like a "perfect" home. With two lovely parents... But some teenagers are just stupid like this... Because their parents yelled at them once in a year they go all dramatic and then do bullshit to make them feel bad.
I would have to take 1000000 pills till now for each time they made me feel bad.
I didn't lie at her and told her it was not her fault. I yelled at her... Tell her she was egoistical and stupid. She agreed... Thank god, she is ok now. Her parents took her to the hospital quickly...

So... what do you learned from all this?
First: Niovi is uncapable of finding a right man....

And second: 10 pills do you nothing if you want to commit suicide. Try 20...

A feeling of deja vu? It's because once again you wasted your me by reading all this.
I heart you all, have a nice day.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hate, hate, HATE!

She was supposed to be a "friend". Even after i learned al the thinks se said behind my back i tried to be nice, talk with her and settle thinks out. But NO. She "still" had to go and play shit behind my back. That does it! I had a "talk" with her yesterday about EVERYTHING. And i wasn't my normal calm self. I spoke harsh, i told her words filled with cruelty and you know what? I have no regrets. She of course tried to play victim but yeah... It was my fault. I guess my back was too hard and she couldn't stab me so easily. So sorry...
She told me that two years ago she learned some hinks i told about her behind my back. For gods shake, i admitted this and apologised, TWO freaking years ago and we passed throu this a long time ago. But what she did was unforgivable. She went and told everyone about my family problems. All the thinks i trusted her with. And i wouldn't be mad if she wanted just to hep, but i am mad because she was making fn of me. and there are many more.
What i told about her in the past was this:
She bought a scarf for her boyfriend and gave 60 euros for it. While we were having a convo with some girls i said that i don't know if i would give 60 euros for a boyfriend. Mistake? Yes. But as i told you i confessed it and apologised.
So during our convertation she turned and told me "I don't want people judge me!" And with people she ment all our friends. I turned and told her: "Noone judges you because noone gives a damn about you. When i was hanging out with our friend and you were with John noone asked me where are you. Noone suggest me to call you to come with us. Noone ever told me to say "hi" to you for them, noone ever asked if you live or die. So don't flatter yourself. I was the only idiot who spend time with you..."
Harsh? Not really compared to other thinks i told her. But if you could only see how i was at that time... I was full with anger and i was half crying. I was crying because her boyfriend came to support her, while i was alone. And heck! I told her this was something between me and her, not between me, her and her bf...

[random]A friend happen to pass by that time. He saw me crying and thought John was hurting me. He told me that if he dared did anything bad to me, i must tell him and he would bring 30 guys to kick his ass... Heh, i have my own mafia. :P[/random]

Well of course i told him nothing is wrong and that we were only having a convertation... So after this. I don't give a damn about her. She was never a "best friend", what i can only feel for her ow is pure apathy. I would care less if i wouldn' talk with her again.

Okay enough with her now. Evrything else seems to flow normal. School is boring but usefull... And i met a guy who's willing to be my boyfriend but i'm not sure because i seem to attract only idiots and ugly men. Not that i am preety myself but anyway...
His name is Menios. And he is a year younger. No problem really...

By the way... I stuck to this song again called "Gone with the Sin" by "HIM" It's so wonderfull... If you like slow deep songs with melodic bass guitars then i would hardly suggest you to download it. Search in some search engine or download it from kazaa or bearshare... Or whatever you use. I swear you wont regret it... It's almost 4MB big.
I'm gonna go now. Take care everyone, i hope i update sooner next time. Bye bye!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

They try to kill me!

No, I'm not crazy, just slightly paranoid... School started, two days ago. For now we only go there for 3 hours and then go. We do nothing except listening to our overly hyper teachers' babbling. It's not healthy... You know what else it's not healthy? Shove 27 children in a class made for 15! Seriously, i'm gonna die either from stinky feet or from suffocation. It feels like we are in jail, or more likely to those chambers with the poisonous air that the Germans used in war. O_o. Someone is trying to kill me...

Ok... I should stop now. My class looks okay. The kids i mean... There are a onw-two smart-ass there but i do'nt really give them any attention. The boys are funny, heh... There are two cool guys that sit behind me and two gals in front of me. The one girly is cool and very sweet. The other one is good too... She's only VERY narcissistic. Ok, "who isn't?" you telling me. She's funny actually. I mean she doesn't mean to be funny but she makes herself look funny. :P...
Two desks behind me sits the guy i like (Or secretly i'm in love with). Too bad i cannot see him... We barely even talk... I'm not shy with boys in general but in front of the boy i like, i swallow my tongue and turn red, ready to explode...
When my friend who sits next to me asked me why i'm not telling him anything i answered "I don't need to. We are allready a pair. He just don't know it yet..." Yeah... You have no idea how many boys i lost with this attitude.

Lets move on with school... Yesterday i went with my sis to see her boyfriend in his swimming training. Why did i go? Because what's better than 10 half naked men dabbling around. :P You think i'm a pervert? Well read more below and you will be sure about it.
When he finished he told as to go with him to the locker room to change. And of course we went (...) Hopefully we didn't see anything that could "disturb" our sleep... Heh. There was a boy there, who was very handsome and he had a great body too... We talked for a while and he looks cool... I thing i'm in love. Man! Don't i give "love" a bad name?
Anyway, i thing i'm going again today. Otherwise i'll aske my sister's bf to learn about him. Till now i only know that his name is Vangellis, is 17 years old and doesn't have a girlfriend.

That's the interesting think that happened all these days... I should go put my books in a order in my desk (Bleeeeeeeeh....). But only because my mom is yelling at me. She has a point tho... If i won't do it now, they will be propably stay on the floor for the next of the school year. :P

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Monday, September 6, 2004

"Can you please perform these pants for me?"

Yesterday we wen with my sis and my dad to a restaurant where the brother of my dad's brother's wife had a party for his 2 years son. The journey lasted three hours. (!) It was quite far as you can see. But it was worth it. We were almost 15 people, including my favourite grandma. She is just hillarious. Sh is almost 80 years old, very smart but above all funny! Look what she told the waiter when he acidentally split some water on her.
Granny: "Bring me a new skirt!"
Waiter: "What size"?
Granny: "whatever size it's fine with me"
Waiter: *walks away smiling*
Granny: "And new pants!" Some relative: "What colour?" Granny: "flame red of course!" Waiter: I'll bring it right now.
Granny: "Yeah but i want you to perform it for me first!"
OMG! That was so funny. I was sitting with her all the time and haven't stop laughing one seconnd. "Did you see the eyes of this waitress? She is high on drags for sure." Hahaha!
We arrived home around 9 o' clock. I was very tired and went to sleep at twelve. My mother was shocked. She thought i was sick, hehe...

What i'm doing now is trying fix the damn video. It's broken but i desperatly want to record a movie today. I thing one of the cables is broken. Speaking about cables i had the electrisity hit me almost 5 times today. Not anything big of course. Just a little "hit". I'm going to roast myself and it's not even funny.

Other than that evrything goes well in my life. I got rid of some people whitch i thought they were "friends" Got in touch with some girls i knew but never really talked to them. They are very nice and we get along great. Hope we keep it this way. And now i'm thinking to myself how friendless i feel. That's not true, there are a lot of people out there i know and they make very good friends. I think i start finding my past days again, when i had more than three companies to choose and go out with. You can't imagine how nice this is after one years of having the more three friends. I'm the kind of people who likes being alone but needs to socialise with others to gain energy, understand? That's why i often felt depressed after staying indoors for more than four days.

I have a lot of stuff to do now. Fix the video, return some dvds, get ready to go for a walk later. So i'll stop now. I hate my little entries but oh well... Bye guys!

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

"Shoot the God danm terrosists!"

Oh, my god. Did you see what happened in Rusia? The poor children... I can't even imagine how the parents feeling. Not know if their child is still alive or not. The guards found 100 dead in the yard! One hundred! God... what people are they? It's in the news al the time. Till now the hostiles have stayed alive 24 hours with no food and water. One died from dehydration.
As for the ones who let them free, they released them half naked. They took all their clothes living them only with the panties (Not even bras). Both the girls and the boys. But i guess they were lucky just to set them free...

Shall we move on now? Okay...That guy i told you about yesterday? He is German... I don't have nothing against Germans. But german! I can't speak it! He only speaks german. Not even english... What a pity. While i can perfectly understant german. ( My parents both lived in germany for 25 years so i hear them speak all the time) I can't speak them... He's 19 years old by the way and really handsome. (Did i say that before?) But. I want someone that i can say a few words with. Plus he might go to germany in a few weeks so it was a lost case from the beggining. I told you i'm very "lucky" with my relationships...

My tummy hurts today. I woke up it hurt, so i thought i was just hungry... I ate a riceball, or whatever that thing was and it made it al worse... For lunch i ate some chicken but only a few bites... My tummy was still hurt and guess what this smart girl did?? I ate peanuts and drank water! Never do this. I feel like i'm ready to explode now. I'm surprised i can even sit and write stuff down...
By the way i organised my internet hours. The only way to be able to pay my bills is to do the following: an hour from 8:00-9:00PM to update my site and my blog (I have the entry written offline to save time), check my e-mail and comment to my affies and friends sites. Usually that takes around 45-50 minutes but i set one hour as the limit. And two hours from 12:00-2:00 AM (it cost me half money that way) to post in My-illusion and other boards i'm a member in... And talk on MSN with some friends. Two hours aren't enough of course but i'm trying...
There's nothing more to say. sorry it's so short but you know if it was bigger it would be really boring.
I'm going to watch a movie on DVD. "Dreamcatcher" A friend told me it was the worst film she ever saw and of course that made me more eager to see than before. Have a good day/night guys! Laters...

Mood: Sick

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Thursday, September 2, 2004

"Look Mommy! I'm flyyyyyying!"

Yestarday, around 11 o'clock PM Nicole passed by my house and told me to get ready to go for a walk with her, Sophie and Sophie's bf. I was bored so i agreed and went with them.
As we didn't have any idea on where to go after spending 3 hours in the park we decited to take the car and go to the "festival". (There's a festival that opens every september for around 5 days). Of course that time we went (2:30 am) Noone was there and they still haven't pen it yet... But we sneak insite and took a look at the carusels around :P. The "Mirror game" Was surpisingly open! Hehe, and since noone was there we ender insite for free and played. Then we glimbed on a board and told Chilly (That's the boy's name) To wave it. Haha, the funny part was that we weren't alone. A woman shouted in us to get the hell out of there. We run like crazy when we heard her say she's gonna call the security! O_o The last think i wanted was that.
Anyway, we did take our asses out of there and left. We're going to go tonight and play around :P. I can't wait! (I'm such a kid sometimes)

12 more days till school opens. I"m exited, can you believe it? Nicole's going to come in my school! That means "Endless hours of stupitidy and fun!" I have a realy good friend there, but two is better. Plus this year my lesson's are focused around technology and mech. I'm also thinking to become a computer's mechanic whe i grow up... Whatever, i just want to do something focused on computers.
Dad says i should join the army because it has lots of money... Bleah, i say "Yeah...yeah...Whatever you say" And live him dreaming. I really can't stand his murmur. It's like brainwash!
One good think he's done for me these days! I met the son of a friend of him. He's tall, blonde(That's a minus but i'll shut up for now), very handsome in general and it seems he liked me a bit... I hope he's normal because with the luck i have regarding finding a boyfriend, he's going to be something like drug-addict, alcoholic, homeless and broke or gey! Don't ask...

I hope i'll see him again soon. Check for more details on him and get to now him a little bit better.

P.s: Why on earth these stupid emoticons move so slowly? Stupid Photo-paint!

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Monday, August 30, 2004


I was watchin Men's and Women's Tae-kwo-ndo last night. In women's category in the finals there was our Greek gal against some chinese woman. The Chinese was 1.80 and the Greek 1.75. (No the height does not cound). I didn't see all of the fight but it was really impressive. Both fought very well. We took silver but we didn't complain one bit. Congrats to both of them.
In Men's Category in the finals there was again our Greek man (2m.) VS some Korean guy (1.85). When the game started Iliadis(The greek) was really,really offencive! I didn't realy like that. Sudenly, when he was about to land a kick the Korean somehow spined in the air and gave him a kick on the head, almost taking his helmet off "Oooooooooh!" It was a very vy smart and cool move. Poor Iliadis felt dizzy and it was a knock-out so the Korean guy won gold. Hey it's silver! We are once agin proud! :)

The end last night was really nice. I especially liked the Chinese program and i can't wait for the 2008 Olympic games to come! It will be on Beijing, it's my favourite city and i wish i'll visit it someday. It has such preety momnuments, lands... It's very beautifull.
Buck to my life. It was a weekend full of boredome. Boooooooooooredome. Well...Sorry, first thinks first. My dad took my modem because of the phone bill... It was preety high and all that due to the internet. I am the only one who uses the internet in my house so i am forced to pay half of the internet bill, or all of it if i can affort it. Anyway, i gave him more than half the money to pay it, because i felt guilty and he gave me my modem back with the promise that i will be more carefull from now on...

I did somethig tho. I made animated emoticons to place them in each entry. That way i'll show you how i feel each time. Meh... I am bored... (Now! That's new!)

Mood of the day: Artistik

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Greeks seem to do really well in the Olymbic games! I kinda lost track of the medals we gained this year. :D. So lets see... Gold medal in mens diving, bronze in weightlifting, gold in women's beachvolley, gold in women's 400metres, gold in rings, gold in Judo, bronze in sailboard.. And i think we got a silver but i can't remembr were. Wee! First we won the Euro now we collect medals! Go Greece! Oh, and just because i'm not a big ethnicist. "Go (insert your country's name here)!". See? i'm cheering for everyone!

Now lets go back to ever boring own world. Lets see... Life hasn't anything special to offer me these days... Blah, i'm bored outof my mind. (Wonder in how many entries i wrote that). Well anyways... I think i need a man. Actually i felt like this yesterday but today i feel fine alone. Maybe i need a good pshycologist... I did a record on how many internet cards i used this month and how much it'll finaly cost me... I buy each card for 3 euros and each offers me 12 hours of internet connection. An houre is 0.30 euros, means 12 hours is 3.60 euros. Till now i had bought 6 cards. And if i add all of them together i spended 39,60 euros for the internet. And if i continue with rate for the next month it will be almost 80 euros! (well, 79,6 to be exact) O_o. It's a miracle my dad hasn't threaten my internet conection yet. Well he did several times in the past but never took my modem away. *Phew*... Have you heard of Einstein's puzzles? He wrote it in the 20th century and declared that the 985 can't solve it. Here's what it's about: There are five houses, each one a different color. In each house lives a man of a diferent nation. The five men has each his own brand of drink, ciggaretes and has a different pet.
The question is: Who has the fish??

#1 The Englishman lives in the red house.
#2 The Swedish has a dog.
#3 The Danish drinks tea.
#4 The green house is next to the white.
#5 The owner of the green house drinks coffee.
#6 The one who smokes Pall Mall has birds.
#7 The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
#8 The one who lives in the middle house drinks milk.
#9 The Norvegian lives in the first house.
#10 The one who smokes Blends lives next to the one who has the cats.
#11 The one who has the horse lives next to the one who smokes Dunhill.
#12 The owner who smokes Bluemasters drinks beer.
#13 The German smokes Prince.
#14 The Norvegian lives next to the blue house.
#15 The one who smokes Blends has a neighbour who drinks water.

That's it. Why i'm telling you this? Because first off all i don't have a life and thought that it would be interesting and second, i think i'm in the 2% who solved this problem. Why i think? Because after spending hours above of a white papper drawing houses like a kindergarden kid i finnaly ended in a conclution, which i have no frikkin idea if it's correct because i can't find the solution of the puzzle ANYWHERE. Why don't try to solve it? You may find it. Oh, by the way for me it is the German who has the fish. To give a little hinty... Firstly try to find the position of each house and its colour.
You know what else? I try once again today to solve it, following the same progress and i couldn't! That's why i'm telling myself it was just a moment of inpiration...
Well, how do you feel spending 5 minutes of your life reading this? ... I know... I don't feel better since i spended more time to write it... Meh.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

New layout. Again...

Well i'm back from vacation. I had a nice time, nothing big really. So i'm back online, in my won little world. Nothing to blog really... My life is a constantly routine.
Oh, i remember something. Yesterday me and my dad went to practice shooting. He gave me a air gun (shotgun type). Firstly i couldn't hold it because it wqas a bit heavy. Almost 4 kilos and my hands trembled. So he put it in a base and told me to do practise from there. Then he place a biscuits box (wothout the biscuits of course) on a tree, almost 20 metres away and i had to shoot it. I didn't miss one single time. Not that it was anything difficult. You just have to center the target and keep your hands balanced. You center, press the trigger lightly, hold your breth and shoot. It was fun... Then my dad decided to raise the difficulty level. So he put on the tree a tiny cap from ice-cream and told me to shoot it. The funny thing is. I atain my target with first try while he had to try 4 times. Hehe. Guess what he said then?? "Novice's luck". Hahaha! Yeah right... What? are you jealous dad?
*Gough* Ok, i'll stop now. He said he's going to take me for hunting ducks next time but i said i wouldn't shoot at the poor ducky. Also, ducks taste horrible...

Wannt hear an advice? Don't smoke. Trust me, this comes from a girl who actually smokes... Big surprise huh? Last night i was home alone and while i was working on my site i light a ciggare. (I have them hidden in my room).First one i was perfectly fine, second i was still okay. After i finish the third one i felt dizzy and i was like about to barf. I went to the bathroom and i was so pal... My sis who saw me was scared. She told me i must cut smoking or at least smoke less than three ciggares a day. Actually i started smoking in first year of senior high school. Along with a friend. Now all my friends smoke. I know it's not healthy...

I gotta go now. Must take my dog for a walk... It's so damn hot out there. I'm propably gonna faint. Bye all!

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Friday, August 6, 2004

These past days were propably some of the best of my life. Lately i'm feeling happy almost all the time. (Exept now but this is not the point)

To start with something extraordinary good. I won the chess competition. How does this sound? I'm not going to give details, i'll just descripe the last game. I was playing against a boy, a year older than me. (Gee...he looked geeky with his big glasses). I took the black pawns and he took the white.He made the first move and i must say i wasn't feeling too well. In all my previous games i was the one who did the first move and somehow i connected this with wining a game.
We played for almost an hour and i finaly beated him having in my side. My King and queen, my two bishops, a knight and some soldiers. He had his king, his two knights, a rook, a bishop and some soldiers too. I took great advantage of the game after i got his queen. That bich almost got my half "kingdom". In the last minutes i did two "check" And then a "checkmate" when he was absolutely helpless.
First, second and three place got a memorial award, and the rest of the children got a lil memorial gift.
After the game my self-esteem grow up really high. Hehe Go me!

I went to the dvd club to rent some movies. I got "Anger managment" "Atlantis" and "Love actually". Then when i gave the dvd's in the lady she looked at me afer seeing te "Atlantis" and told me:
Lady: "Is this for you?"
Me: "Yes"
Lady: "How old are you?"
Me: "As much as i look"
Lady: "And how much do you look?"
Me: "As much as i am"
Lady: "..."
Me: "You taking too long..."
Lady: "There you go, thank you"
Me: *thinking* ("Stupid bitch")
What the hell she cares? She was lika that when i rented South park. She thought it's a kiddie's moovie... Hehe, she didn't know.

I'm going on vacation. I'll be back on August 25. Take care till then!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

"Me Tarzan, you Jane"

Hey, i feel better today. I don't have headaches anymore. The scratches seem to faint slowly, but the lumb still hurts a bit when i touch it but that's just logical. It hurts when i'm brushing my hair too and that's annoyning but it'll pass. Damn that bitch! *shoots her* :D

Anyway i watched Disney's Tarzan on DVD last night, cause i was bored and suddenly i fell in love with it's music. I downloaded all the songs and i'm listening to them all the time. They are sooo nice. The music has lots of percussion instruments in but it's not wild-like. It has melody and nice changes from fast to slow. I love this.
My favourite song is the "two worlds" and then "You'll be in my heart" has a very nice melody. I downloaded "Trashing the camp" in it's two versions. One -the original- of the movie featuring Rosie O'Donnel and the one with Phill Colins and N'synq. Wooh!
And since i'm going throu a Disney like period, i'm planning to rent and watch "Atlantis". If anyone has watched it please tell me if it's good.

Remember i told you i am thinking to take part in a friently chess comoetition? Well i will finnaly. The competition will be at the club i used to go and the right to participate will have only the members of the club. My member's card is still valid so i can go and play too. I'm looking forwart to it. Maybe ill meet some old friends there too. The competition will be in two days. And i am supposed to review some good moves and strategies, since i haven't play for months, but i'm not bored enough for it yet. Maybe tomorrow... *coughprocrastinatorcough*

It's strange for me to say this but I wen shopping today and enjoy it!! Usually i sucj in shopping. I can't make up my mind easily, sometimes in a big store i feel like a whore in the church. Loking around like lost. But you know. I realised that i hated shopping only because i never had enough money with me. Today my Mom gave 150 euro to buy some thinks, since it's sale's time now and it's a very good opportunity. You know discounds 70% O_o. Anyway i went with my sis in my favourite shop. It's called "Ooop" It's tiny shop and it has eccentric -ethnic clothes in. It's quite expensive but with the sales the prices were more than satisfactioning. To give you an excamble. I bought a jean which was cost 66.00 euro for only 34.00! Wooh! I'm so happy when i get material stuff. XD

I'm going for a walk with some friends in a while, Laters...

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Monday, August 2, 2004

I added a pic of me. *Points lef*. Yep, that's me without my piercings. My room is quite dark so it didn't came out very good. But who cares?? Well, yesterday was, ahem... Inderesting... I got into a "cat fight". For the first time in my 16 years old life. But the fault wasn't mine. Oh well..just read what happened and you'll see...
I went to visit my granny. She lives in a village close to my town. At night the kids there like to sit in the square and do some chatting. I know everyone there so i was sitting with them too. There were six boys and four girls (including me). At some time i had to live so i stood up and said goodnight in everyone and gave them each a kiss on the chick. (In a friendly way of course). One of the boys i kissed (I'll call him Johnny for now) seems to be attracted to me a long time now but also a girl from there likes him. And now it's starts. While i was leaving she called my name and told me to come with her and have a little "chatting". In a rather ironic tone mind you. I went to see what she wanted and she told me we have to be somewhere alone. I shrugged, not really have a clue what she wanted. We went behind the church where she took a pose, crossing her hands and with one eye halfclose (as if she suffered refrigaration) she told me:
"You know, i don't wonder anymore why Johnny don't give any attention to me. It seems he likes whores."
I still didn't understand and naturally i asked her. "Why do you think that??" And she told me. (still with this annoying pose) "Because he seems to like girls like you! Sluts like yourshelf."
At this moment i was still calm and affecteless. I am well known for being very calm. Almost so calm it's sometime frightening. It takes great effor to make me really mad.
So i asked her. (calmly) "Wanna repeat the last sentance one more time please?" (I still wasn't angry). And she told me. "Sure i can you idiot, i seems you're deaf too. I told you he likes sluts like you! Got it into your tiny brain??" She said tapping my head with her finger. (that pissed me... but i still remain calm). Then i told her. "So i'm a slut because i gave each of the boys a kiss on the chick, while you're the correct one who got fucked by half of the village and evryone has to say about this..." (that was true..) She turn crimson red and told me. "What the hell are are you imply? You now call me a whore?!" I shrugged and told her "I'm not implying anything. I speak clearly." She steped right in front of me and told me in my face. "Shut your mouth up or i'll do it. I'm gonna beat you up so much you'll not be able to talk for a month. Understand?" I rolled my eyes and told her. "Sure i did. I clearly understand every idiot thing you said about me..." She got really mad and swear i was almost feared she was going to break my face. Instead she said something that made me really mad...More likely hurt me. She said: "You know slattern... I don't know why i'm loosing my time with someone like you. I know it's hard for someone who don't live with her father to be proper. And i don't thing your mother was ever able to teach you some manners. That's why you are such a bitch sometimes... You poor girl"
In this point i got mad. Truth is she said harsher words but she knew nothing about my family so she had no right to speak. I slapped her. Hard. her face got red and i told her. "Listen. I give no shit if you think i'm a whore. But you have no right to talk this way for people you have no clue about. And you know nothing about my personal life and why i am the way i am. Understand??" I tapped my finger on her head like she did earlier to me. She called me a bitch and tried to slap me back but she missed. Soon it was a cat fight. I remember some slaps, hair pulls, nasty words... I don't know who hit the other one the most. I remember soon enough that the guys came and split us up. I was so tensed i even had an asthma attack.
Johnny offered to walk me home and while we were walking he told me that i shouldn't pay attention to her. That she was a stupid girl who likes fighting with others without any apparent reason and also added she was a real whore that sleeps every night with a different man. (see ehat i told you?) I nodded and told him "You're right...".

I have to say in this point i'm glad they came. I'm sure if they wouldn't be there in time she could easily kick my ass. It's just logical. She was taller, heavier didn't have any asthma so who's gonna get the beating? Me of course...
So that's what happened. I still can't realise how i lost my tember but i guess she deserved it. As for any scars... Some scratches on my hands and a lumb on my head. (she knocked me against the church's wall...). I have terrible headaches now.

I told you it was a lovely day. (...)

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Friday, July 30, 2004

Long time not updating. Not that there was anything importand to report sir. My days are such a routine. There's nothing interesting to do or see... Only boredom. And this entry is full of boredom too, so you've been warned.

I am suppose to be in a diet. Yeah i "suppose". I wanna loose 5 kilos but thats kinda hard when one day you eat a croissant, two pieces of pizza and some omelette at night. I used to be able to hold myself somedays. Starvation is no good i know but at least i lost weight easily. And yes. I do know that loosing weight fast is not the best think you can do to your body, but i was so anxious to loose my kilos i didn't really care. I was never been in goot terms with my body. There've times i was a boulimic. Stay up at night, eat everything i could find then feel like hell. Then weighed myself feel worst.
And then there have been these days were i could spend two weeks or more by eating only fruits or drinking juices. And due to that my metabolism is terrible. I loose weight easily but i can gain even more faster....
Danm those days!! I will be more carefull now. I'll eat (if i can) three meals a day. Won't eat after 8:00 am. I would start aerobics too if i didn't have that damn orthostatic hypotension and asthma. I get tired even when i walk to the fridge to drink some water and i get dizzy all the time. When i walk, when i'm sitting when i'm standing up.
To be honest I don't know if these problems are the cause or my extreme boredom. And i'm quite a drama queen so i'm not sure... XD;;

Well what else? Oh, i will propably take part in our local friendly chess competition. Only because i'm so bored these days. I'm such a "geek" sometimes! XD;; And it's funny cause i look nothing like one. *Lol* I mean who could ever imagine that this girl who changes hair color every month, with the many piercings, who likes wearing huge amounts of old jewellery , who likes walkning in the park with her friends till 3:00 in the morning and do immature thinks with them like ringind bells then run away. Is in reality someone who likes reading for school, starves to get good grates, is in chess club, computer club, math clup and whatever else that shaws serious signs of "geeky-ness"? As i say you can't assume someone's life by only judjing his clothes...

Anyway i'm getting sleepy now. It's hot out there so i think i'm gonna take an hour nap.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

New layout!! What do you think? I absolutely love it! Features My two most favourite actors. I've fallen in love with Johhny since i first saw him in "Scissorhands" (sp?) And i respect Geoffrey so much. He is a magnificent actor... Anyway this is my first "good" attempt to make graphix on my own and i did better than i expected. O_o. Sorry to all the Orlando fans out there for not including him... XD;; Well, hope ya like it!

Change the topic: Yesterday night, i had a really stange dream. Strange and somehow, horrifying. It may not sound as weird now, but believe me, it was. And i'm thinking about it al the time. Here what it was about:
I saw i was walking in the street and right above my head there was a man. Flying and dressed in red. The man was crying with a baby's voice. Really loud! The people around me were shouting. "Someone! Make that baby stop crying!". While i could see clearly it was not a baby, but a man, crying with a baby's voice. Whenever i go he was right above me, flying and crying loud. It was so vivid. The crying was piercing my ears and then i could not stand it anymore...
When i woke up i was like... I couldn't move. I was scared... Needless to say i didn't sleep for the rest of the night i still can't take this dream off my head. So weird...

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